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Re: Debconf 6 during the Linuxday in Germany

David Moreno Garza schrieb am Dienstag, den 18. Oktober 2005:

> Why am I feeling your mail is pretending to put DebConf6 as the "evil"
> event which will take DDs out of Linuxday? If I send the same
> "sensitive" mail to the Linuxday organisers, will they kindly move their
> schedule? Why are we the bad boys?
Because we are able to change anything. The have booked the Conference Center
and several arrangements had also made, they were first. 
> PS. 12'000 people? Really?

"Am 25. Juni schloss der LinuxTag nach vier Tagen seine Pforten. Rund 12.000
Besucher nutzten die Gelegenheit, sich ausführlich über Neuheiten aus dem
Bereich Freie und Open Source Software zu informieren."

Best wishes

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