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Re: October 16 Debconf6 meeting

Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> Regarding moving Debconf because of Linuxtag: 

We are still well ahead of time, so we can still check out with them.
I guess they have the last word, unless one of the other facilities can
provide the prefered dates.

> if we are planning starting Debcamp on April 29, Debconf proper would
> start on the 6/7th.

People from Europe are not going to be willing to cross the Atlantic
just for a week. 

> Stockholm: I think Comas helps us still a lot during the early CfP
> period: People should send their material to a trustable location. How
> else would you plan getting the proposals? I hope you don't suggest
> doing it by mail ;-)

As last year I dissapeared from the surface of earth (Gunnar is not the
only one to apologize here, count me in), and CFP was one of my duties,
I would like to to it right this time and volunteer for that.  

If email collection of CFP has to be done, I volunteer to merge all the
emails received into COMAS once it is up and running in a definite

And of course, I volunteer for the complete set of tasks that CFP
handling may involve, provided you guys can still trust me with it,
after what happened.

I somehow find mailing lists communication easier than irc, with all
that asyncromous scrolling text all over the place, so here is my
suggestion for the COMAS/website issue:

  - Setup COMAS in the server imentioned by Gunnar at his uni (all the
    advantages of local $UID=0 access apply).
  - Setup a maybe-wiki-alike informative webpage using the CMS of choice
     * The link in the "maybe-wiki-alike informative webpage" that reads
       _.*Register/My account*._ points to COMAS. 
     * The rest of the webpage is just the usual info, that can be
       edited, updated, and fixed by a team of web editors to keep it
       accurate and up2date. Why should people be logged in to _view_
       this info? It would all be much simpler if they did not need to.

Just my 0.2 €!

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`. `'           Proudly running unstable Debian GNU/Linux
  `-     www.amayita.com  www.malapecora.com  www.chicasduras.com

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