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Re: October 16 Debconf6 meeting

Christian Perrier dijo [Tue, Oct 18, 2005 at 07:45:22AM +0200]:
> > Debcamp on April 29, Debconf proper would start on the 6/7th. Having
> > many Europeans together, we could even have a Debian packed
> > transatlantic flight. It might be quite cheaper.
> This idea crossed my mind at some moments.
> Given the various schedules for all of us and the various places which
> we fly off from, I'm not sure that a packed transatlantic flight would
> be convenient to organize.
> However, getting some air company being "official partner for Debian
> conference" (and of course set up some privileged fares for conference
> attendees) could be tried.
> I think that the "national" company, Aeromexico, could maybe be
> interested in it as I suppose that other "big" companies such as
> Lufthansa, British Airways, Air France wouldn't pay much attention to
> our "small" thingie.

Hmmm... AFAIK, the only Mexican airlines flying to Europe are
Aeromexico and Mexicana - Aeromexico flies only to Madrid and Paris,
I don't know where mexicana directly flies to (its page lists the
flights of the partner airlines)

> Moreover, Aeromexico is, IIRC, partner of Air France and Delta and
> thus has a lot of shared codes flights to/from Europe...

Yes, they have many partner airlines... Most of Europe is only two
hops away, and on a single major alliance.

> Any chance that some of you, local people, have some connections in
> Aeromexico and try something on that topic?

Ummm... Somebody has? Anyway, I doubt we would get a _large_ discount,
but something might still be possible...

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