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Re: October 16 Debconf6 meeting

> Debcamp on April 29, Debconf proper would start on the 6/7th. Having
> many Europeans together, we could even have a Debian packed
> transatlantic flight. It might be quite cheaper.

This idea crossed my mind at some moments.

Given the various schedules for all of us and the various places which
we fly off from, I'm not sure that a packed transatlantic flight would
be convenient to organize.

However, getting some air company being "official partner for Debian
conference" (and of course set up some privileged fares for conference
attendees) could be tried.

I think that the "national" company, Aeromexico, could maybe be
interested in it as I suppose that other "big" companies such as
Lufthansa, British Airways, Air France wouldn't pay much attention to
our "small" thingie.

Moreover, Aeromexico is, IIRC, partner of Air France and Delta and
thus has a lot of shared codes flights to/from Europe...

Any chance that some of you, local people, have some connections in
Aeromexico and try something on that topic?

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