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Re: Oaxtepec news: Formal quote / menus

* gwolf@iiec.unam.mx <gwolf@iiec.unam.mx> [2005-10-04 08:09:39]:
> 1. Payment method
>   - Bank-certified cheque or cash
>   - Credit card (will cause an extra 4.5% for the client because of
>     the bank's commission)
>   - Direct deposit in the bank (account information)
>   - Bank transfer (account information)

i guess we will go for banktransfer.

> 2. Payment policy
>   - 10% at contract signature time (to reserve and block the spaces)
>   - 40% 45 days before the conference
>   - 50% 10 days before the conference

i would prefere something like 30-30-30-10 or so, where we pay
something *after* the conf, to give them some incentive to
actually be nice to us.

10-30-30-30 would be even better, of course. The place does not
provide network, for example. if they dont manage to get network
until then the conference is basicly screwed and they got all the
money from us. not a good bargening position.

> - Post-dinner snack: I don't think we should ask them for this - They
>   had offered us coffee service, but it was way too expensive (similar
>   to another meal). All meals they serve are also... Well... Served -
>   this means, they have to put a person to hand out the portions of
>   food. Having that after 8PM would mean paying double salary to this
>   person. I am confident we can come up with something better.

are we allowed to have our own food on their grounds? this can
be tricky in restaurants/hotels.

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