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breakfast planning

at the irc meeting we talked about handling breakfast on our own.
to help to estimate the efford involved i want to share some

- amounts we will deal with 30 (first days) to 200 people. they
  will consume 6-80 kg solid food and 5-100 liters fluid.  since
  people come from around the world, they will have differnt
  tasts and preferences. müsli/cerial with milk and yogurt will
  not be suited for everyone.  bread, butter and similar stuff
  (and every additional ingrediance) will increase complexity.
  (buying, storing, cutting/preparing (or providing material to do so), cleaning up)

- prepareing, shopping etc will take lots of time. 

- where would this breakfast and it's preparation take place?
  we would need a big room (for many helpers to not bump into
  each other when helping) to prepare it, and one even bigger
  room to eat it. 
- are we bound to any laws when doing this?

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