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Re: Driving from France to Prizren: visa requirements

On 3/20/22 23:29, Enkelena Haxhiu wrote:
Hi Thomas,

We are in the process of making an agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs so that we may send a list of people needing a visa and a copy of their documents, then they will confirm it and ask for people to send their passport via post to the embassy in Istanbul or consulate in New York. This process has not ended, this is why we have not updated the website yet. It will be known soon. Unfortunately, this is the only way we can deal with it. The Republic of Kosovo does not issue visas upon arrival, we asked about this
and it is not possible.

Regarding information about European countries visa requirements, you think we should have information about that?
If so, then we will surfe their official websites and make a guide.

Hope this is helpful.

Kind regards,

Hi Enkelena,

Thanks for your ultra-quick reply! :)

It'd be very nice if you can do the way you describe above, indeed, for the Kosovo visas. My advice though: update the website now, and copy/past what you just explained to me, even if the deal isn't done yet.

Then I did a bit more research.

The following countries do not require visa for Chinese:
- Albania
- Bosnia & Herzegovina
- Serbia (if we decide for that route instead of Croatia...)

The following countries are in the Schengen area:
- Slovenia
- Croatia

For Montenegro, they have the following rule:
"Nationals of any country may visit Montenegro without a visa for up to 30 days if they hold a passport with visas issued by Ireland, a Schengen Area member state, the United Kingdom or the United States or if they are permanent residents of those countries.

so as my wife has a living permit in France (Schengen area), she doesn't need a visa for Montenegro.

So finally, it looks like the only annoying visa thing for us may be Kosovo only, whatever route we take, and I may organize the trip as I want! :)

You may (and probably should) share the above on the website, provided you trust me and ... wikipedia. Hint: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visa_policy_of_$<WHATEVER> helps a lot...


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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