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Re: [Debconf-discuss] [Debconf-announce] Ad-hoc (or self-scheduled) sessions: The process

Gunnar Wolf wrote at 22:24 (PDT) on Wednesday:
>     2.2 Only slots for the next day will be available. Self-scheduling
>         can only be done at the end of dinner (19:00) of the day before.

Do you mean to say that everyone who wants to self-schedule should show up
at the whiteboard exactly at 19:00 and queue to add their sessions?  A
strict reading indicates that, but...

Based on context, I think that you're saying that 19:00 is the deadline, not
the "only time".  If so, then I think the announcement email left ambiguous
what the earliest time is to begin self-scheduling for a given day.

(At least slightly) sorry to be pedantic,
  -- bkuhn

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