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Re: [Debconf-discuss] [Debconf-announce] Ad-hoc (or self-scheduled) sessions: The process

Bradley M. Kuhn dijo [Thu, Aug 03, 2017 at 11:16:42AM -0700]:
> >     2.2 Only slots for the next day will be available. Self-scheduling
> >         can only be done at the end of dinner (19:00) of the day before.
> Do you mean to say that everyone who wants to self-schedule should show up
> at the whiteboard exactly at 19:00 and queue to add their sessions?  A
> strict reading indicates that, but...
> Based on context, I think that you're saying that 19:00 is the deadline, not
> the "only time".  If so, then I think the announcement email left ambiguous
> what the earliest time is to begin self-scheduling for a given day.
> (At least slightly) sorry to be pedantic,

Sorry for the ambiguity.

The whiteboard should™ be available at all times, and you can write
your session up in it at any moment (_AFTER_ registering it in Wafer).

Around 19:00 every day, a Content Team member will go to the board,
note down its contents (either take a photo, copy to a piece of paper,
or directly implement it in Wafer), and erase the whiteboard,
preparing it for the next day.

So, if you get to Front Desk on Monday between opening time and 18:59,
your talks will be scheduled for Tuesday. If you get to the Front Desk
at 19:05 (and we are strict in our timekeeping - Please leave us some
tolerance!), your talks will be scheduled for Thursday (because on
Wednesday we will be on a daytrip :-P)


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