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Re: [Debconf-discuss] "Do not photograph" checkbox in registration

Steve Langasek writes ("Re: [Debconf-discuss] "Do not photograph" checkbox in registration"):
> Respecting people's wishes to not be on film while providing videos of the
> talks is a solved problem:  we designate "do not film" areas of the
> audience, and make it clear to people that if they don't want to be caught
> on the videos they need to sit in these areas.

Like John Sullivan, I don't see why videoing the audience is that
important for the usefulness of the live stream.  (For most items in
the programme, anyway.)

If the main difficulty with a proper opt-in system is that we don't
want to throw photo refuseniks into a ghetto (or stop them asking
questions), we could just stop videoing the questions at all.


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