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[Debconf-discuss] "Do not photograph" checkbox in registration

Hello all,

I would like to ask to remove the "Do not photograph me" checkbox in
Debconf registration form as we do not really have a technology to
implement that.

While I understand and sympathize with privacy concerns that people
have in regards to their photos showing up online, there is currently
no way to both provide meaningful photo coverage of the event *and* to
honor such promise to attendees. So we should stop making such

As an alternative I propose setting up guidelines on which zones in
the conference will be "photo-free" so that people that do not want to
be in pictures can avoid them. For example, hacklabs can be photo free
(we just need a few shots of people working in them for the whole
conference) and there is no reason to explicitly photograph back rows
of auditoriums, also for cafeteria we only need a couple photos and
the rest of the time that can be photo free as well.

You should expect to be photographed if: you are a speaker, you ask a
question, you sit in front rows, you are having an animated discussion
or a hack session in the hallways, you are on the daytrip (near me),
you are at the cheese and wine party, formal dinner or group photo.

At any point before, during or after a photo is taken, any person in
the photo can ask for the photo to be removed or their identity
concealed. Children should *not* be photographed without prior consent
from their parents.

I believe that this is a reasonable middle ground, but I would like to
hear feedback on this from people who did/do not want to be
photographed at Debconf.

Having a list of names of people not to be photographed simply can not
work - I did not get the list, I can not remember such a list and I
can not possibly identify if any person from such list is among the
faces visible for me before taking an audience shot of a talk, for
example. In the past there were couple of instances where people asked
me not to take pictures of them at the start of the conference, but
even with just 2 people asking that and with knowing their faces it
was very hard and I caught 2 photos of them only in pre-upload
processing and actually missed 1 photo that did go up before I had to
take it back down.

Best regards,
    Aigars Mahinovs        mailto:aigarius@debian.org
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