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Re: [Debconf-discuss] "Do not photograph" checkbox in registration

(slightly reordered, failure matched with imperfect solution)

I am in the same position as Micah, especially since I've been
raising this issue for many years, and since I generally don't want
my photos released in public space.

Differently coloured lanyards would work under three conditions:

  1. people actually respect them,

  1. In the heat of the moment, you might not see the lanyard;

Humh... I would have faith on people's respect here (and if there
wasn't respect... Well, that's game over anyways). And given the
strong social bonds this group has, I think I would recognize your
face in the "don't want photos" group after few days. Or before
uploading pictures, when doing the basic quality control (I deleted
many of my photos if they were blurry/moved or not nice). In the
heat of the moment, I would probably take a photo of you by
mistake, but would not make it public. Or try not to.

  2. we find 95%-proof means to blur people with those lanyards, and

  2. Having done picture analysis for many years, this is neigh
     impossible. It could be done by a human. Are we ready to expect
     this from everyone, at the risk of demotivating e.g. Aigars?

It is impossible, I concur. But the thing would be to exclude
unwanting(?) people from any photos we take, not blurring you
out. A photo with a blurred face cannot be good. It lacks value and
becomes a distraction.

  3. those people always wear those lanyards when cameras are

  3. I do take my lanyard off occasionally, e.g. when playing
     Frisbee, or at the pub. What now?

Again, trusting on the reinforced social memory of having seen you over
and over with a fugly lanyard should work ;-)

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