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Re: [Debconf-discuss] "Do not photograph" checkbox in registration

On 10 September 2014 00:22, Tollef Fog Heen <tfheen@err.no> wrote:
> I think we do have technology to implement that.  Maybe not with 100%
> hit rate, but not that far off.  Give people who don't want to be
> photographed differently-coloured lanyards.  It costs a bit more, since
> we need two types of lanyards and in some cases it might not be
> effective (if you're not wearing your tag at the C&W party, you might
> get pictures taken of you), but I believe it would be a cheap, low-tech
> and simple way to get us 90% of the way to where we want to be.
> I'd love to hear from people like Micah who did check the box and who
> were frustrated this year if they think such a solution would work well.

I do not think that is a workable solution, unfortunately.

If there are more than a couple people in a shot, checking badge or
lanyard colors of everyone becomes so time consuming that at best it
will multiply the work required to cover the conference tenfold (a
ballpark estimation given the number of people in existing pictures)
and it will likely mean that most capture-worthy moments of real, live
human interaction will be missed due to timing thus severely reducing
the value of the few photos that will be taken. It would take
something pretty extreme visually to be visible at a glance even in a
larger group of people wearing colorful t-shirts, like a red fedora,
but then I bet people will have a strong temptation to photograph
weird people wearing red fedoras.

And if there are too few photos, then we can be quite sure that
participants will feel the need to take even more pictures themselves
and will be much more likely to simply ignore these rules producing an
even worse result from privacy perspective in the end. For example, I
see much more photos of hacklabs (the most private spaces of a Debconf
IMHO) from DC12 then from DC14. Or we can just happen to get almost no
photos - it took me some time to find any photographic evidence that
DC13 even happened.

I want to find a compromise between privacy and workability and that
is the reason why I started this thread now - so we can try to come up
with an acceptable solution for next year without undue rush, but
still start it with memories of this year fresh in our minds.

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