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Re: [Debconf-discuss] "Do not photograph" checkbox in registration

> I didn't understand the point of the yelling at people to stand-up when
> they had the microphone. Was this to get a clearer video of the person?
There is a clearer video of the person
and it makes it easier for the camera operator
to quickly catch the speaking person.

> When I got the
> 'picture' that I was going to be lynched if I didn't stand when talking, 
> coupled with the realization that I was going to be filmed when doing so  
Generally in video covered talks (unless missing cam operator
or asked for not to do so) the person speaking is on the video,
streamed out to the public and recorded for the future.
(This also does not depend on if the person is standing up or not.)

It might have been an issue about ad hoc sessions,
if they should be captured or not. 
Also, unlike the past, there was no talkroom , 
that was explicitly without video.
One solution could be an option in the schedule (want video/don't want video).

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