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[Debconf-discuss] Fascinated to see dedicated attendee at Debconf14 with 'Blindness'


I am just going through all recorded sessions of Debconf14 & spotted 1 blind person at few sessions including 'Meet_the_Technical_Committee' session. I have attended many technical conferences in person/ virtually & this is the 1st time I see a visually impaired person at technical conference. Very charismatic.  ^_^

It's fascinating to see his dedication/contribution to Debian & to Open Source community even though he is blind. [His questions at 33:30 min's] in 'Meet_the_Technical_Committee' session.  Thumbs up for that from me.  :-)

Unfortunately I don't no his name. If some1 knows him, I am really interested to know how he manages to summarize various Debian mailing lists on day to day basis. Which open source interpretation tool he uses. I am also interested to know how he uses terminal efficiently & how he knows at which dir he is at via terminal/konsole. I believe audio interpretation sometimes would be too slow when using commands at greater speed.

Amey Abhyankar. [India]

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