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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Fascinated to see dedicated attendee at Debconf14 with 'Blindness'


On 04.09.2014 09:10, sco1984@gmail.com wrote:
> Namaste,

> Unfortunately I don't no his name. If some1 knows him, I am really
> interested to know how he manages to summarize various Debian mailing
> lists on day to day basis. Which open source interpretation tool he
> uses. I am also interested to know how he uses terminal efficiently &
> how he knows at which dir he is at via terminal/konsole. I believe audio
> interpretation sometimes would be too slow when using commands at
> greater speed.

there are many "workflows", you can see two of them (braille terminal /
speech "terminal") in


[This video is from DebConf 9 in 2009, so possibly things now are
changed and possibly better.]


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