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Re: [Debconf-discuss] "Do not photograph" checkbox in registration

Hi Aigars,

Thanks for your work and considerations!

On Donnerstag, 4. September 2014, Aigars Mahinovs wrote:
> I would like to ask to remove the "Do not photograph me" checkbox in
> Debconf registration form as we do not really have a technology to
> implement that.

I agree.
> As an alternative I propose setting up guidelines on which zones in
> the conference will be "photo-free" so that people that do not want to
> be in pictures can avoid them. For example, hacklabs can be photo free
> (we just need a few shots of people working in them for the whole
> conference) and there is no reason to explicitly photograph back rows
> of auditoriums, also for cafeteria we only need a couple photos and
> the rest of the time that can be photo free as well.

Seems very reasonable and doable to me.
> You should expect to be photographed if: you are a speaker, you ask a
> question, you sit in front rows, you are having an animated discussion
> or a hack session in the hallways, you are on the daytrip (near me),
> you are at the cheese and wine party, formal dinner or group photo.

There should also be documentation, that 

a.) you're the photographer, so people who dont want their photos taken should 
hide from you
b.) that you're automatically + immediatly uploading fotos to flickr, if I 
understood you correctly. (via some fancy wlan sdcard android phone setup...)

Speaking of this, I think it would be better if you were only uploading 
automatically to our git-annex and only push that to flickr after 24|48|72 
hours (or never), or doesnt flickr automatically claim rights on uploaded 

> In the past there were couple of instances where people asked
> me not to take pictures of them at the start of the conference, but
> even with just 2 people asking that and with knowing their faces it
> was very hard and I caught 2 photos of them only in pre-upload
> processing and actually missed 1 photo that did go up before I had to
> take it back down.

I think this is reasonable and you should keep doing so, if people ask you for 
that. Even though you'll make mistakes :)


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