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Re: [Debconf-discuss] [Debconf-announce] Food serving for vegetarians und vegans

Wookey writes ("Re: [Debconf-discuss] [Debconf-announce] Food serving for vegetarians und vegans"):
> It was, but I do think that there is room for a bit more vegetarian
> food at debconf. IIRC the omnivore food was veggie one meal in 14
> (ignoring breakfasts which were entirely veggie).

I absolutely agree.

> The food was fine, and pleasing everyone is always tricky, and I
> certainly don't want to come across as complaining, but I'd have
> preferred to eat more veggie/less meat. (I refrained from the
> explicitly veggie stuff for fear of depleting the supply for others,
> as instructed).

Indeed, me too.

> Anyway, just a minor bit of feedback for next year. Portland is full
> of hippies - we could have a mostly-veggie debconf, and get arguments
> about food instead of accomodation. :-)

Good plan.  I think at the very least we could plan to provide enough
of the veggie/vegan options that we can tell omnivores to eat what
looks tasty, and risk omnivores having to eat veggie rather than
running out of veggie.

(I speak as an omnivore myself.)

> Thanks again to all for organising. It's a massive job, and
> angst-ridden this year, I gather. It really was excellent. Kudos to
> those who persevered with that site despite the dissent - it was a
> really fine environment.

I'd like to say that too.  I had a great time, and I think a
productive one too.


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