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Re: [Debconf-discuss] [Debconf-announce] Food serving for vegetarians und vegans

On 11/08/13 16:50, Didier 'OdyX' Raboud wrote:
> To ensure that vegetarians and vegans who arrive a bit later to the
> meal have something to eat, we ask everyone who did not register as
>  vegetarian or vegan to not eat from their food unless someone from
> the kitchen tells them that it's OK. Please do not just take from
> the vegetarian food even if it looks very tasty ;-)

Am I right in thinking that this happens almost every event?

IIRC the year I attended debconf, I had made my diet known, but there
was no provision AFAICT for some reason.  That happens to me fairly
frequently at other events too.  In such situations, vegetarian food
is often my best available option and it is rather frustrating when
omnivores are not allowed non-meat meals.  In one really bad example
this year, an event's hosts only offered me a meal with a main course
and dessert that I could not eat!

In addition to oddities like me, on any day, there may also be a
proportion of omnivores who would choose the vegetarian option just
because they fancy it.

Could future debconfs simply reserve N vegetarian and vegan meals for
those who do not eat meat, but allow some for omnivores to choose if
desired, too?

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