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[Debconf-discuss] Group running today (Thursday) 19:30

I play to go running today at the end of the day, after dinner.


The run is somehow hilly but, for once, begins with 2km down and 1km
flat....before a quite though climb in the woods. THat climb is on a
very nice trail along a small river.

After 8km, we'll reach the Mutrux cemetery (view over Mont-Blanc a bit
before sunset is expected) and we'll then go back down through the
forest on a quite good shape track (so, even though the light is low,
there is no risk of injuries).

Total length: 13km. Total positive climb: 355m.
Expected duration: between 1h15 and 1h30

Meet up at the foutain.... Bikes are welcome, though the trail up
might be sometimes difficult for them.

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