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[Debconf-discuss] Daytrip with mountainbike

Hi there,

Lucas and I consider to do the daytrip with our mountainbikes tomorrow.
Extracted from the DebConf Daytrip Wiki page, [0] is our track, the GPX
file can be found here [1].

Who else wants to join the cool cyclists? ;)

Something I don't know, yet: Do we cycle the same route back from top of
the mountain and cycle from Vaumarcus to Neuchatel near the lake or do
we cycle from the mountain tip somehow directly to Neuchatel?

@Lucas: This [2] is my lock, that I can share. By using some "bicycle
Tetris" it should be possible to lock up to three bikes with it to

Cheers - Fuddl

[0] https://map.wanderland.ch/?layers=Wanderwegnetz&trackId=1399453
[1] http://media.debconf.org/dc13/daytrip/d2_le_camp_soliat.gpx
[2] http://www.abus.com/uk/Mobile-Security/Bike-safety-and-security/Locks/Folding-locks/Bordo-Big-6000

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