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[Debconf-discuss] Assassins: good activity during the daytrip

Even though the daytrip is never a good moment for dangerous killers
to perpetrate their awful actions, yesterday's daytrip was quite
fruitful in terms of decreasing the DebConf population.

Indeed, 4 kills happened, apparently all of them on the boat (I'm
awaiting confirmation from the victims and killers to grant them the
promised bonus point). I hope killers could then steal their victim's
Parfait du Val de Travers ice-cream, which was indeed a very
well-chosen dessert (I wonder who did make this choice.....).

We now have 22 people left in them game. Please notice that I might be
introducing a new rule from Friday noon for the last 24 hours of the
game. It will be unveiled some time tomorrow morning. I will then also
announce the official ending time for the game and the moment where
results will be announced.

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