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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Daytrip with mountainbike

On 13/08/13 at 14:20 +0200, Bruno Kleinert wrote:
> Hi there,
> Lucas and I consider to do the daytrip with our mountainbikes tomorrow.
> Extracted from the DebConf Daytrip Wiki page, [0] is our track, the GPX
> file can be found here [1].

(According to qlandkartegt, it's 16.9km, 957m up, 115m down; I've
created a gpx file[1] with that track, as well as two possible tracks for
soliat->neuchatel (one safe using a road, one using a trail that should
be nice). I remember reading somewhere that bicycles are not allowed on
the trail very next to Creux du Van (detour3 in the gpx), but that's
worth double-checking on site.

[1] http://blop.info/pub/daytrip.gpx

> Who else wants to join the cool cyclists? ;)

according to openstreetmap data, it should be possible to join with
!mountain bikes too, with some changes to the itinerary.

> Something I don't know, yet: Do we cycle the same route back from top of
> the mountain and cycle from Vaumarcus to Neuchatel near the lake or do
> we cycle from the mountain tip somehow directly to Neuchatel?

it's probably easier and faster to cycle directly to neuchatel.

> @Lucas: This [2] is my lock, that I can share. By using some "bicycle
> Tetris" it should be possible to lock up to three bikes with it to

perfect! (+ my bike is colored after the swiss flag, there's no way
someone can try to steal it in .ch, it's probably a criminal offense)

Since the apéro at soliat starts at 1pm, I think that we could leave at
something like 9:45 to be on the safe side?


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