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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Daytrip with mountainbike

Le mardi, 13 août 2013 14.20:06, Bruno Kleinert a écrit :
> Hi there,
> Lucas and I consider to do the daytrip with our mountainbikes
> tomorrow. Extracted from the DebConf Daytrip Wiki page, [0] is our
> track, the GPX file can be found here [1].
> Who else wants to join the cool cyclists? ;)
> Something I don't know, yet: Do we cycle the same route back from top
> of the mountain and cycle from Vaumarcus to Neuchatel near the lake
> or do we cycle from the mountain tip somehow directly to Neuchatel?

I suggest using that route if you want to go to Neuchâtel:


That says roughly 40 km.

It will be possible to put (some) bikes on the conference dinner boat 
but we would like to know how many. As I understand the mails so far 
we're talking about 3, correct?


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