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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Anyone booked train seats for Yverdon?

 ❦  9 août 2013 20:52 CEST, Wolodja Wentland <debian@babilen5.org> :

>> > On the page I mentioned above you are able to buy an online ticket for
>> > the train as well as for the bus - just use "Concise, Camp de Vaumarcus"
>> > as your destination instead of "Yverdon-les-bains". A one-way ticket for
>> > this train+bus combination is 74 CHF (~80 USD / ~60 EUR).
>> > If you decide to buy an online ticket you need to print out our ticket
>> > yourself at home - it will mention your start and destination and have a
>> > QR-code on it. It is valid a whole day for the route you booked
>> > independent of the train(s) you use.
>> I'm not quite sure if I understand the page:
>> for some, but not all, trains and buses, that online ticket is only a token
>> that you can use to get the real one.  This appears to be not the case for
>> that 74 CHF route ZRH -> Yverdon -> Concise, and the printout is all that's
>> needed.  Is that correct?
> I am sure that you have to bring the credit/debit card which you used to book
> the ticket too (not sure if you need anything else apart from that and the
> printout though)

I am confused. On my ticket, it is written "Mobilis Individual Ticket
are valid for unlimited travel on all public transportation services
within the applicable zones during the period of validity". It is also
said "It is important that the person mentioned on the Online Ticket
presents the A4 printed OnlineTicket as well as their official ID
unprompted to ticket control staff".

I would said that you don't need to use this online ticket to get a real
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