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[Debconf-discuss] Anyone booked train seats for Yverdon?

Hi there!

I'm experiencing some issues trying to book a train seat from Zurich
airport to Yverdon-les-Bains.

It seems that the system (swissar.mytraintravel.com) claims not to find
any suitable combination for departing from 'Zurich' (using both plain
Zurich and Zurich Airport) and destination 'Yverdon' (it just says
'Yverdon' alone, not 'Yverdon-les-bains'), independently from any date I
The error message seems to be too generic, quoting "1. No available
booking for the selected route or 2. No available seats".

Could this be because Yverdon-les-bains is not a main train
station/stop? Could it just be, as the first error says, that this
particular route is not able to be booked?
Is it too risky to show up at the train station with no
booking/reservation almost on time for a scheduled departing of ~40'?

Any information would be appreciated, thanks!


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Electrical conduits in machine room are melting. 

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