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[Debconf-discuss] Debconf13: CACert assurance

Hi everyone,

Following the OpenPGP keysigning WOT event, if some people are
interested in CACert assurances, we could also organize an assurance
party during the Debconf.

If you do not know what is CACert, take a look at Wikipedia [0]

The conditions of an assurance are well explained on CACert wiki [1],
you can find a lot of information there.

I will send you at the end of the week more details on how/when/where
but I need to know roughly the number of attendees.

Could you please send me an email as soon as possible if you are
interested following this template (even if you are not a CACert member
yet, but you plan to participate to the event, or share a drink with us) :

Name :
CACert email (or your email) :
CACert Status : {not yet signed up,member,assurer}
CACert assurers only : experience points, or max points you can give.
And if you volunteer to be part of "staff assurers".
Comments :

I will probably use the CACert wiki [2] to list participants name (I
will not include any email address of course), and do some organization,
if you do not want me to use your name please *tell me*.

The participants should (must) come to DebConf with official IDs (2 of
them is best, preferably government issued photo IDs) [3] for assurers
to check their identities during the process.

We will try to have a team of assurers ready to give 100 points to give
a good start to new members.

[0] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CAcert.org
[1] http://wiki.cacert.org/
[2] https://wiki.cacert.org/Events/Debconf13
[3] http://wiki.cacert.org/Assurance/PracticeOnIdChecking

See you at DebConf,

Léo Cavaillé

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