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[Debconf-discuss] Sunset over Alps...

You may have enjoyed the end of the day, today, with clouds slowly
disappearing far away over Swiss Alps.

In case such a beautiful light remains for the next days, don't miss
the sunset over (from left to right), Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau,
DufourSpitze (aka Mont-Rose), Matterhorn (aka Cervin) and last, but
not least, exactly South, Mont-Blanc (which can be seen from "Bâtiment
8" but unfortunately not from the so-called Scenic Hacklab).

(except Mont-Blanc, the visibility of each of these famous summits
remains to be confirmed: help of people with a good knowledge of Alps
might be appreciated)

Photographers with a tripod and tele lenses can probably make great pictures....

For the record, sunset happens around 20:30-20:45.

Enjoy (hopefully)!


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