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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Anyone booked train seats for Yverdon?

-=| Wookey, 08.08.2013 15:27:59 +0100 |=-
> +++ Raphaël Walther [2013-08-06 07:16 +0200]:
> > Hi Derek,
> > 
> > I recommend you to use directly the website from the national railway company.
> > 
> > http://fahrplan.sbb.ch/bin/query.exe/en
> > 
> > Type in your date an time.
> > From: Zurich Airp.
> > To: Concise, Camp de Vaumarcus
> > 
> > Usually tickets are valid one trip during the day they are valid. I don't think
> > you need to book a seat.
> I've already got train tickets to Vallorbe, but need a bus from there
> to Yverdon and then Vaumarcus. Can I easily just arrive and buy one on
> the bus? Or I have to get a ticket at the station? The above link lets
> me buy one in advance, but it's not clear if that's valid for just one
> time or that journey at any time that day?

Any time that day. The only catch is that you should provide a photo 
ID with names matching the names on the electronic ticket.

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