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Re: [Debconf-discuss] proposals for DebConf14 +

On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 11:55:55AM +0000, Philip Hands wrote:
> > Debconf would not return the money to Debian.  Debian would fund it by
> > collecting the money from regular sponsors and also using surplus from
> > previous events to smooth the cashflows for future events.  E.g. Any
> > surplus from .ch could potentially help a Debconf14 in a venue more
> > like Debconf12
> I think what you're doing here is turning the collection of sponsorship
> into Somebody Else's Problem, thus ensuring that it won't get done.

I concur.

IIRC, there have been discussions into generalizing the DebConf
sponsoring team, with the purpose of better reusing knowledge
(e.g. contacts) from one year to another, and also putting those
knowledge into use in case of peculiar needs of the Debian Project at
large. But moving a significant part "to Debian" isn't going to solve

I'm also worried by the feeling of strict separation Daniel's mail gives
in terms of what is DebConf within Debian. DebConf is just another
Debian team. It only happens that it is a time that deals with a hell
lot of money, on a yearly basis, when compared to other Debian
activities. That is what requires special budget delegations and several
of the processes and goals we have set up in recent years are meant to
account for that. To mention only two of them: the goal of having an
amortized 0-cost DebConf, and the budget approval process.

In this specific case, I think reasoning in terms of strict DebConf /
Debian separation is self-defeating. There is no need for DebConf
representatives to contact sponsors saying "we have $0 but with your
help…" as Daniel put it. DebConf representatives can easily contact
sponsors and hand-wave Debian monetary resources, if that helps in
convincing sponsors.

That is consistent with the ineluctable truth that Debian *is* anyhow
the "bank" for DebConf. If a DebConf edition goes bad, it is Debian who
pays. No matter the tentative (!) budgets we will have approved for that
year.  Processes have been set up to reduce the chances that that
happens and provide various supervision steps, but the bottom line
remains the same.

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