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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Going to Nicaragua from Europe: avoid Iberia

[Christian PERRIER, 2012-04-21]
> Quoting Piotr Ożarowski (piotr@debian.org):
> > there's a flight on condor.com from FRA to MGA (outband: 2012-07-05,
> > return: 2012-07-14) for 978 EUR, the one from Berlin is for 1158 EUR
> Jump on it, this is a *very good* price.

I did, one of last economy ones apparently (it's no longer available)
premium economy ones are still there and they're cheaper than the ones
on other sites (1128 EUR) - the only problem are departure/return dates
that do not exactly match DebConf...

> Is that with a connection?

yes: Santo Domingo, Panama City / Panama City, San Juan (Puerto Rico),
mine additionally has Wrocław as a starting/ending airport
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