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Re: [Debconf-discuss] pictures and privacy

]] Aigars Mahinovs 

| On 6 August 2011 19:41, martin f krafft <madduck@debconf.org> wrote:
| > As said before, this reverses responsibility. It is *your*
| > responsibility to ensure that whatever you do does not interfere
| > with the privacy, intimacy, and freedom of others. An argument like
| > "I've tried, but I have bad memory and thus …" is just a cop-out.
| Legally there are only two real options:

If we can come to an agreement on what and how pictures from Debconf are
to be published and tagged, there might not be any requirement to come
dragging with legal requirements.

| * either we view Debconf as an newsworthy even of public import (or
| whatever the exact definition is in your region) and in that case
| there is no expectation of privacy;

Depending on local laws, that's not enough.  The picture itself has to
be of something newsworthy, so a picture of somebody giving a speech
would be, but a picture of the a team drinking coffee would not
(necessarily) be.

| * or, if we reject the above assertion, then EVERY photographer must
| get EVERY person in EACH photograph to PHYSICALLY SIGN a printed Model
| Release Form before any such image can be published in any shape or
| form. Same for video.

I believe most laws here just say you have to give consent, not what
form the consent has to be given in, so a mail fra a given person with
«I'm ok with you publishing my picture» would be ok.

Also, depending on local laws, video might or might not be covered by
the same set of rules.  (It's not in .no, at least.)


| If we go the first route, then, while we are not we are not legally
| obliged to do so, but as a courtesy we will take down images and try
| to avoid taking them if people specifically request so, as it has
| always been done in the past.

Why not just mail people if you tag them?  If you tag a photo with
somebody's name, it's hard to say «I don't know who that is», while that
might an acceptable excuse for a picture with many people in it.

| There is no middle road, unfortunately. As we all know, copyright law
| is quite .. nuclear in its approach to mosquito safety.

I think trying to find a compromise both sides can live with is more
important than bobbing each other on the head with laws and paragraphs.

Tollef Fog Heen
UNIX is user friendly, it's just picky about who its friends are

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