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Re: [Debconf-discuss] pictures and privacy (was: my pictures so far (including the bicyle tour))

also sprach Wouter Verhelst <wouter@debian.org> [2011.08.06.1113 +0200]:
> Personally, I love taking pictures of people without their
> knowledge.

Personally, I dislike having my picture taken without my knowledge.

> - If you ever, at any time, see me pointing a lens at you, do not
>   hesitate to ask me to see the picture. If you really, really, /really/
>   do not like it, I'll remove it from my camera, even if I think it's
>   one of the best pictures I've ever taken (though in that case, I might
>   try to reason with you first :-)
> - If you ever, at any time, see me taking pictures of people at random,
>   do not hesitate to ask me whether I've taken any of you, and if so, do
>   the above.
> - If you see a picture of you, taken by me, on some website somewhere,
>   and you'd rather it wasn't available, just tell me and I'll take it
>   down.
> - At any rate, while I do tag pictures of people with the names of the
>   people featured on that picture _in my private digiKam database_, I
>   will never tag said pictures on a public website with the names of
>   people.

As said before, this reverses responsibility. It is *your*
responsibility to ensure that whatever you do does not interfere
with the privacy, intimacy, and freedom of others. An argument like
"I've tried, but I have bad memory and thus …" is just a cop-out.

I know that it's common nowadays to "delegate" responsibility to
others (think bankers, politicians, environmental criminals, etc.),
but this does not mean it's right.

In fact, it's awfully wrong, and if I could change only one thing
about our society (halt one alarming development), then I would not
hesitate: consequences of actions shall remain with those who are
responsible for them. No exceptions.

Of course there are hardly going to be "consequences" of your taking
pictures of me (I do not believe in self-justice, and the law is
a regional thing it seems), so all I can do is appeal to is your

And just in case this isn't clear: this is not between Wouter and I.
I would tend to think that this is between everyone wanting to take
portraits of others, and those who have not explicitly voiced their
agreement (like e.g. Christian Perrier did). But correct me if I am

Just because technology makes it possible does not mean that
suddenly anything goes.

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