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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Trains to Debconf from Munich, Koeln, Paris, London, Cambridge

On Mon, Apr 18, 2011 at 06:00:57PM +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:
> If you are intending to travel out by train you should be thinking
> about confirming your plans now.  

I can confirm that traveling by train is my favourite way to travel.
However I did not decided about my exact day of arrival.  I can confirm
That I would happily join a crowd of people on departure at the end of
> It would be very helpful if locals or DC organisers could confirm that
> it will be reasonably possible to get from Zagreb to Banja Luka if
> arriving on the sleeper at 08:40 on Saturday morning.

I'd rather consider arriving at Wednesday 20.7. (+/- 1 day) to enjoy
part of DebCamp.  So the question is: Will there be some transportation
at any random DebConf day from Zagreb to BL?
> It would also be helpful if the DC organisers could confirm what
> arrangements might be available to travel from Banja Luka to either
> Zagreb or Okucani on the 31st of July.

This is probably an important question (or perhaps 30st July for a
possible night train to Munich, right - I did not yet checked schedule). 
> I am willing to book for others for the return trains marked ***
> above.  See http://wiki.earth.li/DebconfTravel2011/Train for my
> planned itinerary.  (I'll be on my own for the outward journey.)

Thanks for the offer of booking for several people.  However, I doubt
that you can do such a complex booking for several start / final
destinations.  I'm pretty sure to get quite good conditions if I book
my whole travel myself here in Germany in advance - because you can
get pretty cheap tickets when bying much in advance.  The drawback is 
that we will probably not share the same compartment in the train.
I'll check in how far this could be ordered flexible.
> So far I have one person (Joachim Breitner) who would like a place on
> the sleeper from Zagreb to Munich, departing 20:09 from Zagreb on
> Sunday.  Depending on consultations with the railway, and with DC
> locals, we may travel from Okucani instead.

So you plan to spend the Sunday 31.7. with some tourism in BL / Zagreb?
I'd rather plan to be home on Sunday evening / Monday morning.
> [0] It is wise to book the Eurostar at the same time as the other
> tickets, in case of timetable changes.

>From my place it is a 8h ride by train to Munich.  If I book the whole
travel from my place to Zagreb (other city in Bosnia) I can get quite
cheap tickets (hopefully).

Kind regards



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