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Re: [Debconf-discuss] How to go to Cáceres via Madrid

-=| Ana Guerrero, Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 02:15:35PM +0100 |=-
> - Train
> From the airport get the metro to "Atocha Renfe".  There are only 4-5 trains
> every day from Madrid. It might change for July but you can not check the train
> schedule until 2 months before.
> The trains take ~ 4 hours and depending of the train you take, prices start
> from ~ 45 euros round trip.
> - Spanish trains, RENFE: http://www.renfe.es/

I tried the above page and tested it with a trip simulation for the 
next month (so I could get to actual prices).

It gives me some choices I could not understand:

            Tarifa General  Web     Estrella
Turista         30.90       12.40       18.60
Preferente      40.90       ---         24.50

This is one way only, the return prices are similar.

Could somebody explain which is what in that table? (and how ~45 euros 
for roundtrip fit?)

Thanks in advance.

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