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Re: [Debconf-team] Q for Cape Town bid: attendees safety outside the venue

Stefano Rivera dijo [Fri, Dec 19, 2014 at 02:02:37PM +0200]:
> I was in Managua, too. I felt pretty safe in Managua, just as I do in
> Cape Town.
> I didn't explore that much, beyond the hotel, conference venues, and the
> local mall. I was just too busy.
> There's pretty much nowhere I won't walk in Cape Town, alone. There are
> areas I won't feel safe, walking in, but I'll still do it, and just be a
> little more aware of my surroundings.

Right, there have been many times we have asked people to "be
aware". DC4 was in a great insulated hotel near to a not-so-beautiful
area; for DC6, we were in a small and mostly safe town, but I know
many people later wandered through South-East Mexico, and they all
returned safely. Argentinians often say their country is unbelievably
insecure, yet we held a very successful DC8 there (with people, again,
wandering on their own around the country). New York City's northern
part has its reputation, but TTBOMK nothing bad happened during
DC10. Some people were worried about safety in the Balkans, but we had
a perfectly safe DC11 (complete with police escort from the border to
attendees from odd countries!). Managua has been tackled already, and
yes, people did wander into the city and the countryside.

So... yes, I believe history proves we are not such social inepts as
to put ourselves in danger. Of course, if DC16 is to be in South
Africa, we should proactively warn people of the situation - But trust
our collective awareness.

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