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Re: [Debconf-team] Q for Cape Town bid: attendees safety outside the venue

Hi Stefano,

On 18/12/14 16:46, Stefano Rivera wrote:

> The campus is patrolled by security guards, and has monitored CCTV
> covering most public areas.  Paths through middle campus are lit at
> night, and there are brightly lit panic button pillars along the more
> remote paths.


> We'd probably want to provide some transport into town in the evenings,
> and this is where people would need to be a little more careful. Walking
> through a busy part of town is fine. Wandering through desolate areas,
> on your own, is less so.

I get the impression from what you say that we will need to be pretty
sheltered to be safe. I know Debian people like to wander and observe
what happens outside of the conference, and I cannot imagine asking the
people to never wander away on their own.

Is this just a bad impression of mine?

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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