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Re: Timing

On Sun, Aug 31, 2014 at 10:36:03AM +0200, Bernelle Verster wrote:

> So my preference for timings would be:
> 1. Somewhere around December, determined by the vac clots

Speaking as an international visitor myself, I really don't think that would
fly.  December is high season, so getting to SA would be *incredibly*
expensive for a lot of people, even moreso than normally.  That would
(generally speaking) also really hike up the required travel sponsorship
budget, or result in a bunch of people just not coming.  (Personally, I
pretty much certainly could not make it in December, due to Too Many Singing
Obligations tending to happen in that month.)

> 2. April vac.

That *could* work, though it is slightly out of the window of what we've had
so far.  I can't speak to DebConfs 0-4, but in the not-quite-decade I've
been attending (albeit not every year), we've had a range of about 4 months,
from early May (and that was somewhat exceptional/controversial, and
justified because we could get a quite substantial venue for a good price on
those dates IIRC) to very late August.  Where in the month does the April
vac fall?  How long is it?  

For what it's worth, previous southern-hemisphere DebConfs (Brazil,
Argentina) have taken place in the northern-hemisphere summer, I think.  I'm
told the Argentinian one was distinctly wintery.


PS: Bernelle, I hope I don't come off as picking on you personally - it's
just that your mails happen to be the most recent ones in their respective
threads at the moment. -N

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