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Re: Timing


Agree on the university vac terms, in terms of parking, overall city traffic, ability for students to attend... just the best option.

From managing a holiday house for a while, the December - April timeslot is by far the most popular for international visitors - I think that's when they are particularly gatvol of their Northern winters.
This obviously does not fit well with the usual time, but, and I don't know if Debian peeps have families, December seem to be a good time to tag them along.

So my preference for timings would be: 
1. Somewhere around December, determined by the vac clots
2. April vac.


On Sun, Aug 31, 2014 at 1:54 AM, Neil Muller <drnlmuller+debian@gmail.com> wrote:
On 30 August 2014 21:58, Stefano Rivera <stefanor@debian.org> wrote:
> DebConf is hemisphere-ist, and usually held around August. This doesn't
> coincide with our best weather.

If we want to try use university accomodation, we'll be restricted to
matching the university breaks, so looking at late March or early
April, mid-July or early September, with September very tricky because
it's such a short break.

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