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Re: Venues

On 30 August 2014 21:49, Stefano Rivera <stefanor@debian.org> wrote:
> There are a few styles of venue that have worked well for DebConf.
> If we can get some conference venues out of Stellenbosch university, it
> may be a good fit for this style.

Of the Stellenbosch University options, over the last few years it's
been the least hassle to arrange to use the STAIS conference centre
(http://stias.ac.za/catering_unlimited/venues_CU.html) since they are
keen to see that venue used and push it quite hard. This allows for
around 300 people, although I've no idea what the current costs are.

It's possible to use the lecture halls, but that usually requires
support from one of the academic departments and scheduling when
they're not otherwise in use.

Neil Muller

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