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Re: 2-session DVD: Linux shows new session's data while windows shows old sessions

Zhang Weiwu wrote:
On Mon, 23 Apr 2012, Thomas Schmitt wrote:

That might make a difference to the reading drive.
Some drives present some types of closed DVD as "DVD-ROM". It might be that
MS-Windows does not expect a DVD-ROM to have multiple sessions.
So if the drive does this with DVD-R but not with DVD+R, then this
might be the trigger.

Maybe some MS-Windows software can tell you more about how the drive
presents the medium. If not, consider to boot a Live-CD with Linux
that contains dvd+rw-mediainfo, cdrskin, or xorriso. E.g. "RIPLinux".

1. Doses Windows/Linux handle multi-session differently?

Either this, or the drive makes the difference, or both.

I tried to reproduce another multi-session DVD-R from the same pack, except I use 'cdrskin -multi' this time. Then I did a few tests:

For what it's worth, very good testing, and clearly indicates that the media and mounting host OS are the most important determinants.

E. Robert Bogusta
  It seemed like a good idea at the time

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