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2-session DVD: Linux shows new session's data while windows shows old sessions

Hello. Using xorriso to burn DVD the second time (without -multi, a.k.a. there is no 3rd session). The latest session's image is created using genisoimage -C (but not using -M, a.k.a. the old and new content are not related).

The burnt DVD has such special characteristic: with Linux (gnome), new content is mounted. With Windows XP, old content is mounted and shown.

I then look close to that DVD, found it has a big graphic "DVD-R" logo printed on it, which surprised me a bit, as I thought normally an attempt to burn additional session to DVD-R generates error. I took it as DVD+R with incorrect cover design.

I then tried to burn additional sessions the same way (cdrskin without -multi and genisoimage -C without -M) for another different DVD+R, this time, both OS show the latest session's data.

So this problem is either related to how the first session ISO image was burnt, or how the first session's image is generated, or that I simply did burnt a new session over an DVD-R.

So my question is:

1. Doses Windows/Linux handle multi-session differently?
2. If I can reliably reproduce this issue, wouldn't that be a way to
   prepare different content for Windows/Linux? e.g. for a Game CD,
   have windows installer and Linux installer on the same CD but
   different track/session.
3. I think I can reproduce this problem because I have another half-used
   DVD whose first session burnt in similar way and with "DVD-R" on the
   cover design. If you think I do a reproduce is informative, let me
   know what I should do to the cd before burning it a second time.
   (should I do dd? get toc?).

Thanks in advance!

$ cdrskin -toc         # of the so called "DVD-R"
cdrskin 1.1.0 : limited cdrecord compatibility wrapper for libburn
cdrskin: scanning for devices ...
cdrskin: ... scanning for devices done
cdrskin: pseudo-atip on drive 0
cdrskin: status 4 burn_disc_full "There is a disc with data on it in the drive"
scsidev: '3,0,0'
Device type    : Removable CD-ROM
Vendor_info    : 'TSSTcorp'
Identifikation : 'CDDVDW TS-L632N'
Revision       : '0503'
Driver flags   : BURNFREE
Supported modes: TAO SAO
cdrskin: burn_drive_get_write_speed = 11080  (8.0x)
book type:     DVD-R sequential recording (emulated booktype)
Product Id:    TYG02
Producer:      Taiyo Yuden Company Limited
first: 1 last 2
track:   1 lba:         0 (        0) 00:02:00 adr: 1 control: 4 mode: 1
track:   2 lba:   1067104 (  4268416)237:10:04 adr: 1 control: 4 mode: 1
track:lout lba:   2228480 (  8913920)495:15:05 adr: 1 control:4 mode: -1
Media summary: 2 sessions, 2 tracks, closed DVD-R sequential recording

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