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Re: 2-session DVD: Linux shows new session's data while windows shows old sessions


> Why bother testing FreeBSD on Linux mailing-list?

This is not a Linux-only list. Just most users happen to run GNU/Linux.
Actually i do release tests on FreeBSD-8 and Solaris, too.

>         1. DVD-R in DVD-ROM always result first session mounted.

Possibly because the drive presents any type of DVD as DVD-ROM.

In FreeBSD ports there should be "libburn" with /bin/cdrskin.

Try to find out as superuser by e.g.
  cdrskin dev=/dev/cd0 -toc
what type of DVD is presented by the drive. Look for line
  Media summary: ... 

Instead of installing a FreeBSD port, you may also do in a directory of
your choice:
  fetch http://scdbackup.webframe.org/cdrskin-1.2.2.tar.gz
  tar xzf cdrskin-1.2.2.tar.gz && cd cdrskin-1.2.2 && \
  ./configure && make && cdrskin/compile_cdrskin.sh
and then use cdrskin without installation by
  ./cdrskin/cdrskin dev=/dev/cd0 -toc
or install it by
  make install

> 2. In Linux, DVD-R in DVDRW always result last session mounted.

Again, find out what DVD type the drive presents
  cdrskin dev=/dev/sr0 -toc

> 3. In Windows, usually first session is mounted, except DVD-R
>    with open session (-multi) inserted in DVDRW driver.

If this is really the same drive as with Linux, then MS-Windows would
take the closed medium status as reason to treat it as single session
I would consider this a bug, not a feature. 
But as already stated towards Gildor Oronar, one should try to find
out what it the officially intended behavior of MS-Windows in this case.

Have a nice day :)


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