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Re: 2-session DVD: Linux shows new session's data while windows shows old sessions


> I then look close to that DVD, found it has a big graphic "DVD-R" logo
> printed on it, which surprised me a bit, as I thought normally an attempt to
> burn additional session to DVD-R generates error. I took it as DVD+R with
> incorrect cover design.
> [...]
> $ cdrskin -toc         # of the so called "DVD-R"
> [...]
> Media summary: 2 sessions, 2 tracks, closed DVD-R sequential recording

It is indeed a DVD-R.
This media type can be written by two alternative write types.

DAO works only on blank medium and closes it after the first session.

Incremental Streaming works on blank medium, or on appendable one.
One may close the medium after writing or keep it appendable.

If you do not force it by options -tao or -dao, then cdrskin will
choose the write type according to medium state and option -multi.

> I then tried to burn additional sessions the same way (cdrskin without
> -multi and genisoimage -C without -M) for another different DVD+R, this
> time, both OS show the latest session's data.

This time the medium was really DVD+R ?

That might make a difference to the reading drive.
Some drives present some types of closed DVD as "DVD-ROM". It might be that
MS-Windows does not expect a DVD-ROM to have multiple sessions.
So if the drive does this with DVD-R but not with DVD+R, then this
might be the trigger.

Maybe some MS-Windows software can tell you more about how the drive
presents the medium. If not, consider to boot a Live-CD with Linux
that contains dvd+rw-mediainfo, cdrskin, or xorriso. E.g. "RIPLinux".

> 1. Doses Windows/Linux handle multi-session differently?

Either this, or the drive makes the difference, or both.

> 2. If I can reliably reproduce this issue, wouldn't that be a way to
>   prepare different content for Windows/Linux?

If my theory is right, then the effect depends on drive firmware and
media type. Far from being reliable.

How is your post related to the one by Gildor Oronar ?

> 3. I think I can reproduce this problem because I have another half-used
>    DVD whose first session burnt in similar way and with "DVD-R" on the
>    cover design.

Try what happens if you use cdrskin option -multi (you can still later add
another session and close the disc).
If my theory is right, then the drive might present an appendable DVD-R as
what it is. In that case, MS-Windows might feel inclined to inquire the
table-of-content, to recognize the second session, and to mount it.

If you can get a DVD-RW medium, then you can repeat your experiments
after applying
  cdrskin -v blank=all
which lasts as long as a 4.5 GB write run.

Have a nice day :)


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