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Re: Q: state of the art in burning a BD


Rob Bogus wrote:
> I can see disabling checkreading if you don't care if you can't read what
> you wrote, such as video, where a bit or two or even on 32k sector isn't
> going to spoil the use. But in general I write a boatload of data on the
> media to preserve it, and would happily trade double the time for more
> reliable operation. 

In theory, Defect Management looks like a good idea. But in practice it
simply does not work properly. Neither on DVD-RAM, nor on BD.

I use BD-RE and BD-R for daily backups since 2008. My experience with 
efect Management stems from three BD burners. LG, Pioneer, Optiarc.
None of them was able to work reliably with media which trigger block
I had several occasions where media where written with Defect Management
enabled and still produced read errors with a verifying read run.

The only strategy that saves you from spoiling your backups is to
make several of them alternatingly. Never overwrite your newest backup
and always checkread a fresh backup by means which are as near to the
backup recovery situation as possible.

Once written and properly readable, optical media seem to have a shelf
life of at least 10 years. I have CDs from 1999 and DVDs from 2004
which are still well ok.

Have a nice day :)


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