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Re: Blu-Ray GUI burning tool

Helmut Jarausch wrote:

which (GUI) tool do you use for burning Blu-Ray-disks?

Since I don't use KDE nor GNOME, I'd prefer something like TkDVD or the
good old xcdroast. What has to fixed for these tools to enable them
burning a Blu-Ray disk? Is it just the missing capacities which are not

It might be worth the time to learn to use the command line tools, then you would know what the tools are really doing. I've been bitten by GUI tools which don't actually *do* anything, but call the command line tools to do it for them. And if something changes under them, you don't even get a warning, just a coaster.

Then you get distributions which trick you and put bogus programs of their own devicing installed with the names of working programs. The most common case is a bogus 'cdrecord' which is actually something called 'worful' or maybe 'woodn' or something like that. Best program for making BD-coasters ever, but for saving data not so much.

E. Robert Bogusta
  It seemed like a good idea at the time

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