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Re: Blu-Ray GUI burning tool


Rob Bogus wrote:
> It might be worth the time to learn to use the command line tools, then you
> would know what the tools are really doing.

At least one will be nearer to the software that does the actual job of
controlling the burner.

> The most common
> case is a bogus 'cdrecord' which is actually something called 'worful' or
> maybe 'woodn' or something like that. Best program for making BD-coasters
> ever, but for saving data not so much.

Even the maintainers of cdrkit agree that one should not use wodim for
burning DVD or BD media.

The grand master of DVD burning is growisofs. I put effort in the goal
of having my own programs performing not worse than that.
(With BD-R, i think growisofs is too much a devotee of Defect Management
 and pseudo-overwriting.)

Have a nice day :)


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