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Re: problems with LG BH10LS30 BD-RE


> I have various problems with the LG BH10LS30 BD-RE drive under squeeze.
> They start with kernel error messages during booting.

Please show some samples.

>  When I try to write DVD-RW with wodim, writing is aborted with an error.

The error message would be interesting. Especially the cryptic lines.

> Writing BD-RE with growisofs fails with "SK=5h/MEDIUM NOT FORMATTED".

This message stems from the drive. BD-RE need to get formatted before use.
But growisofs should have inquired the media state and then have formatted
the media before trying to write to it.

What do you get from

  dvd+rw-mediainfo /dev/sr0

(resp. your /dev/srX address). The media has already to be loaded into
the drive. dvd+rw-mediainfo will not load the tray.

If this issues error messages, then re-run with

  dvd+rw-mediainfo /dev/sr0 debug

and report the outcome too.

> Is this drive supported by Linux
> and the respective tools? Or can anyone recommend a BD-RE drive that is?

It is quite surely not about the general drive type.
For now it looks like bad individual drive, bad cabling,
bad controller, or bad drive-media compatibility.

Nevertheless, a new LG BD burner should cope with contemporary
BD-RE media. Ahum ... already discontinued. But younger than my
GGW-H20L, which cannot write contemporary BD-R any more but
does well with all 2x BD-RE. It still writes my old BD-R.

All CD, DVD or BD drives built in this century comply to the MMC
standard. So they all should work properly for reading, and they
should work properly with tools which are aware of the specs for
the respective media.

wodim should be able to handle DVD-R and DVD-RW in DAO write mode.
Other types are more a job for growisofs or for my tools, cdrskin
and xorriso.

growisofs has one known bug with BD-R media. Normally it only causes
an ugly message at the end of the burn run. But there was a bug report
which says the media was not readable afterwards.

cdrskin and xorriso are quite outdated in squeeze (long freeze time).
If you want to try one of them, get a package from sid.

For DVD-RW and BD-RE, the equipment around growisofs should fully
suffice for an examination.

Have a nice day :)


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