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Re: Not everything that burns is bad or a clone of cdrecord

"Thomas Schmitt" <scdbackup@gmx.net> wrote:

> > Why use a clone if you may use the original? 
> cdrskin is not a clone of anything.
> > Nobody so far reported a problem with the original cdrecord 
> If it is about DVD then cdrecord is not
> state of the art since at least five years.

This is wrong

In contrary, cdrtools still defines new state of the art
funtionality. I encourage you to have a look at the current
features of mkisofs and _try_ them out. Cdrecord and cdda2wav
also introduced a lot of new features that make them easier to
use and that give new interesting functionality. Your code does
not work on Solaris and I need to admit that I could not see any
feature I would miss in cdrtools.

As people from the related mailing lists know, I am listening to all
bug reports and feature requests and usually fix bugs add add missng
featues really quick.

Just read the official documentation and do not rely on 
"how to use" FAQs from Linux sites. 

> If it is about Linux then cdrecord has a
> big social problem: Its author is disliked so
> much that the distros rather include a
> hardly maintained clone for CD purposes
> and point everybody to growisofs for other
> media.

Do you like to prove yourself as a person who
has social problems?

It is of course well known that Debian has big social
problems. The fact that I am attacked by people does
not prove social problems at my side.

I am present at many real meetings in the OSS community and
I know that real people act different from trolls in the net.

You should not try to follow the wrong claims form trolls in the net, you 
should rather listen to real world people who talk/interact with me.
If you look at the net you see that nearly all people who need reliable
functionality do not use the Debian fork but the original software.

I am a person who fights for highly portable OSS software and I do
not prefer a specific platform. Your software is Linux specific and
software that is developed on Linux is usually hard to port to other
platforms. If you are interested in your users, why is there no interest
at your side to make your software portable?

I treat everybody equal. If this is a problem for some Linux users,
these Linux users have a social problem.


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