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Growisofs input cache (get away from dd?)

Dear all,
I am the developer of turbojet (turbojet.sf.net) a software package for 
burning multiple CDs and DVDs at once. (btw. I would need a package 
maintainer for the software for debian)

For burning multiple audio CDs at once, I use cdrecord (or wodim) and start it 
for each CD I want to burn. That means, that in my system I have 7 CD-Writers 
and I will start 7 instances of cdrecord. This runs very well as cdrecord 
will read the input data through the file system buffers. (Thanks to 
Jörg ;-) )

The problem with growisofs is, that it does not seem to use the file system 
buffers. That means already burning 3 DVDs at once is too much for my system. 
Having read a little bit it seems, as the problem could be that 'dd' won't 
use the system buffers per default.
Do you think it would be possible to patch growisofs that it does not use dd 
for input (eg when you burn an image)? Do we need dd at all? Unluckily I do 
not know much about the DVD burn process is really performed in Linux.

Many thanks in advance,

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